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City Lights and the Great Drepression from American History & Film


Subtitled "A Comedy Romance in Pantomime," City Lights was released three years after first talkies appeared in theater. As a silent movie, it is a tribute to the recent demise of art of pantomime. With its combination of pathos and slapstick comedy, City Lights remains one of Chaplin's most popular movies.

A pompous civic leader: To the people of this city we donate this monument; 'Peace and Prosperity'.

A long speech of gibberish follows. Hey, this IS a talkie!

The Tramp appreciates a sculpture of horse among others.

The Blind Flower Girl: Did you pick it up, sir?

The Blind Flower Girl: Wait for your change, sir

The Tramp: Tomorrow the birds will sing.

The Tramp: Be brave! Face life!
The Eccentric Millionaire: No, I'll end it all! . . . I'm cured. You're my friend for life.

The Eccentric Millionaire: Any news?
The butler: Only that your wife sent for her baggage, sir.
The Eccentric Millionaire: Good! . . . James - the Rolls-Royce. We'll burn up the town!

The Tramp: Be careful how you're driving.
The Eccentric Millionaire: Am I driving?

The Tramp: Let's buy some flowers.

The Tramp: May I see you home again?
The Blind Flower Girl: Whenever you wish, sir.

The Blind Flower Girl: -- and then he brought me home in his car.
Her Grandmother: He must be wealthy.
The Blind Flower Girl: Yes, but he's more than that.

The race for cigar butt. Millionaire wins it.

The Tramp: I like your car.
The Eccentric Millionaire: Then keep it, it's yours.

The sober dawn awakens a different man.

Determined to help the girl, he found work.
. . .
To play the part of a gentleman without the millionaire was difficult, but he did his best.

Eddie Mason: Do you want to make some easy money?
The Tramp: Remember, we split fifty-fifty; and you promise you won't hurt me.
Eddie Mason: Be careful, the boss might hear us. . . . I've got to beat it; boss!"

The Tramp: Let's take it easy and we'll split fifty-fifty.
A replacement boxer: Winner take all!

That's my lucky rabbit's foot.

The Eccentric Millionaire: Now don't worry about the girl, I'll take care of her. Will a thousand dollars be enough?
(After robbers knock out the millionaire and are chased away)
The Butler: He has been robbed, search that man!
The Policeman: Where did you get this money?
The Tramp: Tell him you gave me that money.
The Eccentric Millionaire: (waking up from the blow) Who is this man?

The Flower Girl: I've made a conquest!

The Flower Girl: You?
The Tramp: You can see now?
The Flower Girl: Yes, I can see now.